Campaign Action! Stand up for migrant women rights in the Domestic Abuse Bill

This month, a Parliamentary Committee will begin the process of scrutinising the draft Domestic Abuse Bill. The current draft of Domestic Abuse Bill was published in January and it has since been subject of criticism from organisations for the lack of inclusion of migrant women’s rights.

The Step Up Migrant Women coalition needs your help to ensure they make necessary changes to this legislation and stand up for migrant women. The Latin American Women’s Rights Service and Liberty have set up an online tool to make it easier for supporters to join us in protecting migrant women. It takes only 2 minutes!

Access this link to email the Committee to support calls to extend the Domestic Abuse Bill so that it equally protects migrant women.

The Government’s draft Domestic Abuse Bill risks failing thousands of women in the UK, particularly migrant survivors who have nowhere safe to turn, neither can they access to support services. This approach shows that the hostile environment policy is still a priority for the government over provision of universal human rights.

The current draft of the Bill contradicts the Government’s own commitment to ratify the Istanbul Convention, according to an official statement from July 2017, which it affirmed its promise to prevent and combat violence against women. No discrimination based on migrant or refugee status is permitted by the Istanbul Convention; yet the Government fails to provide any fundamental safeguards for migrant women on the face of this Bill.

It is a well-established fact that immigration status is used as a tool of coercion and abuse by perpetrator, and the Committee should consider key research findings that highlight the vulnerability of migrant women to prepare an inclusive and effective Bill.

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