Domestic Abuse Bill

Recent Freedom Of Information (FOI) requests revealed that police in England and Wales share victims’ details with the Home Office for immigration control purposes. From 45 police forces around the country, 27 of them (more than half of the police forces) share details with the HO if the victim has insecure immigration status, this includes women who seek support when fleeing violence and abuse. FOIs show that only three police forces responded that they do not hand over victims’ information.

As a result, there is no consistency in practice and victims are reluctant to come forward due to lack of trust in the police.

→ The Step Up Migrant Women campaign has produced a template response for organisations to answer relevant questions of the Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill consultation,  in order to highlight the need for safe reporting of crime for migrant victims with insecure immigration status.

You can find the Step Up Migrant Women template response on safe-reporting: here 

V to HO BBC.jpgAs Lucila Granada, Director of LAWRS mentioned in the Victoria Derbyshire show on the BBC: “We need to remember that we are not only talking about the cases we know about, but we are also talking about all the women who are right now enduring violence because they are too afraid to come forward”

To submit a response to the consultation, please visit:

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