Step Up Migrant Women Campaign

Campaign Briefing: Campaign briefing outlining our aims and objectives

Safe Reporting

Roundtable Report: Safe Reporting of Crime for migrants with insecure immigration status. May 2018.

Joint response to the “Home Office and Police data-sharing arrangements on migrant victims and witnesses of crime with insecure immigration status”. February 2022.

‘Preventing and Addressing Abuse and Exploitation: A Guide for Police and Labour Inspectors Working with Migrants’. February 2022.

Victims’ Bill

Delivering justice for victims. Consultation on improving victims’ experiences of the justice system. Response to the Victims’ Bill Consultation. February 2022.

Nationality and Borders Bill

Nationality and Borders Bill. Joint Briefing with Women for Refugee Women. Amendment 140 “Victims of domestic abuse: data-sharing for immigration purposes.”, February 2022.

Nationality and Borders Bill: Secure reporting- key to safety, justice, and public order. March 2022.

Domestic Abuse Bill

Template response to Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill. Suggested answers to  Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill Consultation. May 2018.

Submission to Select Committee. #StepUpMigrantWomen Submission to House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Domestic Abuse. July 2018.

Joint Submission to the Domestic Abuse Bill Committee. A Fair System Urgently Needed for All. May 2020.

Data-Sharing with the Home Office for immigration control. Freedom of Information Requests. July 2020.

Migrant Victims of Domestic Abuse Review Findings. A response by Southall Black Sisters and Latin American Women’s Rights Service. September 2020.

Domestic Abuse Bill Briefing on Safe Reporting Mechanisms and End to Data-Sharing. House of Lords Briefing. September 2020.

The Domestic Abuse Bill. Migrant Women Left Behind. Joint Briefing Latin American Women’s Rights Service, Southall Black Sisters, End Violence Against Women Coalition. September 2020.

The Domestic Abuse Bill. Safe Reporting mechanisms – Firewall. Super-complaint investigation findings and recommendations. January 2021.

Migrant Women and the Domestic Abuse Bill. Compilation of migrant survivors’ testimonies. March 2021.

Domestic Abuse Bill for House of Commons consideration of amendments briefing. Victims of domestic abuse: data-sharing for immigration purposes. April 2021.