Join us in protecting migrant women from abuse and domestic violence

We campaign for the implementation of safe-reporting mechanisms and the end of data-sharing policies when victims approach the police

Insecure immigration status is often a tool of control used by perpetrators to abuse their partners and threat them with deportation. This situation put migrant women in a vulnerable position: they fear the abuser and also fear asking for help.

The current lack of safe-reporting mechanisms creates a barrier for migrant women to flee violence and gives greater impunity to perpetrators. Evidence shows that 92% of women with insecure status have received threats of deportation from perpetrators (Imkaan 2012).

#StepUpMigrantWomen calls for safe reporting mechanisms to separate reporting of crime and access to support services from immigration control.

ALL women have the right to a life free from violence, regardless of immigration status.

#StepUpMigrantWomen is a campaign led by the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) and supported by more than 50 organisations standing together for migrant women’s rights

Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) is a feminist organisation run by and for Latin American migrant women. LAWRS have over 35 years of experience supporting the practical and strategic needs of migrant women exposed to intersectional discrimination on the basis of gender, race and migration status, and to violations of their fundamental human rights. LAWRS support over 5,000 women every year through culturally and linguistically specialist advice, information, counselling and psychotherapy, advocacy, development programmes, and workshops.

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Lloyds Foundation EW colour

I spoke in Parliament on the 8th of March and campaigned around migrant women who are survivors. I feel empowered speaking to MPs around my experience and know I am not the only one. Read her full testimony here

G’s voice

We need a Domestic Abuse Bill that protects victims. A Bill that allows us to report to the police or any other service so we stop suffering in silence. Now more than ever, we need this reassurance. Read her Full testimony here.

Mafalda’s Voice